God’s Glorious Plan

God’s Glorious Plan 12 June 2022 AM – Romans 8:29-30 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: One of the most difficult and divisive topics in the Bible is the topic of election. I do not claim to understand it fully. Some Bible verses sound like God elected or chose certain people to be saved and […]

Bible Basics 22 – Salvation and Election

8/06/2022 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review of Salvation Introduction What does the word “Salvation” actually mean? Deliverance What is the Gospel? The Good News that Christ died, was buried and rose again to save us. Name a false hope of salvation. 10 Commandments, good, religious, baptised, confirmed, sincere, love What are the three essential elements of […]

The Romans 8:28 Comfort

The Romans 8:28 Comfort 5 June 2022 AM – Romans 8:28 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: I have here a needlepoint picture. As you can see, on the back, it is not a beautiful picture, but on the front, it is. This picture is a good illustration of the truth God shares with us […]

Bible Basics 21 – Salvation’s Intro

1/06/2022 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review of Sin Why is God the only being qualified to be the standard of right? He alone is eternal, perfect, unchanging, all-knowing and all-wise. What is sin? Sin is anything contrary to God’s truth. What are some things that describe the nature of sin? Missing the mark, violation, fault, unjust, […]

Isaiah’s Call – Isaiah 6:1-13

Isaiah’s Call 29 May 2022 PM – Isaiah 6:1-13 – Missions – Scott Childs Introduction: [CHART] By the time Isaiah came on the scene, the northern kingdom (Israel) was rapidly in decline, only a few years away from captivity. The southern kingdom (Judah) was heading in the same direction. Uzziah had been a good king […]

Jesus’ Witnessing Instructions – John 4:34-38

Jesus’ Witnessing Instructions 29 May 2022 – John 4:34-38 – Missions – Scott Childs Introduction: Someone wisely said, “The reason some folks do not believe in missions is because the brand of religion they have isn’t worth propagating.” If our faith in Christ is worth having, it is worth sharing with others. Jesus said, (Matthew 5:16) […]

Bible Basics 20 – Sin

25/05/2022 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review of Man’s Fall Describe some of man’s qualities in his original state Innocent, God’s image, reflection of God, communion with God, walked with God How did man’s innocence come sort of God’s character? God cannot sin In what 3 ways was Eve tempted? Lust of flesh, eyes, pride of life […]