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18/05/2022 Wednesday
Review of Man’s Creation
How many sexes did God create?
Two: Male and Female
Who ordained Marriage? Give Bible reference.
God, Genesis 2:24
What is God’s rule for marriage?
1 man, 1 woman, for 1 lifetime
What is a husband’s main duty?
Love his wife as Christ loves, lead
What is a wife’s main duty?
Submit to her husband as the church submits to Christ, respect him, complete him
What is a child’s major duty?
Obey his parents
Man’s Fall
What does God tell us about man’s fall from perfection into sin?
A Tragic Day in History
▰ “One of the most tragic days in the history of the world was when sin was introduced to humanity. Before that day, the creation was approved, as
God saw that “it was very good” (Gen 1:31).” Elmer Towns, What the Faith is all About, 29 – The Fall of Man, theWord edition
Man’s Original State
▰ When God created Adam and Eve, He created them innocent. He created them in His own image. They were a reflection of God’s nature. They were
able to have sweet communion with God every day. God walked with them in the midst of the garden (Genesis 3:8).
▰ The Bible does not tell us how long Adam and Eve remained in their unfallen state. It was long enough for them to enjoy the blessing of fellowship
with God. They were pleasing to their Creator (Genesis 1:31).
Man’s Original State
▰ Their spiritual state was one of innocence, that is, freedom from sin: but their character was short of holiness, such as the attribute of God which is
a positive term, making it impossible for God to sin. Walvoord/Chafer
▰ God gave man a will (the ability to make choices) so he can choose to love and obey God. Obedience requires the option to choose. Therefore, God
placed one tree in the vast garden and told Adam not to eat its fruit. God gave Adam clear instructions about the tree of the knowledge of good and
evil (Gen 2:17).
Satan’s Interference
▰ By Genesis three, Satan and his angels had rebelled against God and fallen from their holiness. Satan must have entered the snake and then made
it talk to Eve (Gen 3:1). He made Eve doubt God’s word (Gen 3:1). Then Satan claimed that God was lying to her (Gen 3:4-5). He tempted her with
the lust of the flesh (the desire to DO something forbidden), lust of the eyes (the desire to HAVE something forbidden), and the pride of life (the
desire to BE something forbidden) (Genesis 3:6 ~ 1John 2:16). In this, Eve was deceived but not Adam (1Tim 2:14). He deliberately chose to follow
Eve instead of obeying God.
Satan’s Interference
▰ Dr R. A. Torrey points out five steps leading to the first sin:
▻ Listening to slanders against God
▻ Doubting His Word and love
▻ Looking at what God had
▻ Lusting for what God had prohibited
▻ Disobeying God’s command
▰ Compare (James 1:13-15)
Immediate Effects of Sin
▰ They died spiritually and began to die physically (Gen 2:17; Rom 5:12)
▰ They had a sense of shame (Gen 3:7). Sin made their nakedness shameful.
▰ They covered their nakedness with fig leaves (Gen 3:7).
▰ They felt fear when they heard God (Gen 3:8, 10).
▰ They tried to hide from God (Gen 3:8).
▰ They blamed others for their sin (Gen 3:12-13).
Immediate Consequences of Sin
▰ God punished Eve (Gen 3:16).
▰ God punished Adam (Gen 3:17-19).
▰ God killed animals to make them modest clothing (Gen 3:21).
▰ Innocence had once covered their nakedness before God. Now they must be covered with clothing.
▰ Clothing is also to hide our nakedness from others. With innocence gone and the sin nature now active, men and women are not to allow others
besides their spouse to see any portion of their bodies that sensually appeals to the opposite gender.
Sin’s Lasting Consequences
▰ The woman’s punishment (Genesis 3:16)
▻ She will have pain in child bearing.
▻ She will have a desire to her husband. Most likely, this “desire” is a desire to rule over her husband.
▻ However, her husband will rule over her.
Sin’s Lasting Consequences
▰ The man’s punishment (Genesis 3:17-19)
▻ The ground that he farms for food is cursed
▻ It will cause him a lifetime of sorrow
▻ The ground will be plagued with thorns and thistles
▻ He must get his food from the cultivated field not the Garden of Eden
▻ His work will cause him to sweat
▻ His body will eventually die and return to dust
Sin’s Lasting Consequences
▰ The human race’s punishment
▻ By Adam’s sin, the human race lost its innocence (Romans 5:12). Every person ever born of a human father has been born with Adam’s sin nature. The
punishments for sin have also passed on to every human born.
▻ Broken fellowship with God and a continual need for forgiveness
▻ Eternal death if they do not place their faith in God to obey atonement requirements (Gen 4). In each dispensation, God revealed more of his requirements.
Today we know God’s plan of salvation in detail (John 3:16; Rom 5:8, 2Co 5:21).
Review of Man’s Fall
Describe some of man’s qualities in his original state
Innocent, God’s image, reflection of God, communion with God, walked with God
How did man’s innocence come sort of God’s character?
God cannot sin, man could
In what 3 ways was Eve tempted?
Lust of flesh, eyes, pride of life
Name some of the immediate affects of sin
Death, nakedness, shame, fear, blame
What are the major consequences of sin on the human race?
Curses, loss of God’s fellowship, death
Let’s Get Practical
▰ How does the fact that God has given you a “will” impact your relationship with God?
▰ Why do you think that many people (including many Christians) have lost much of their shame of nakedness?