21/09/2022 Wednesday

Answers to two questions from last week
▰ When will the Millennial saints be resurrected and judged?
▻ The Bible does not mention this and we do not know. We may assume that it will be right after the Millennium, but that is only an assumption.
▰ If pretribulationists believe that the Rapture takes place before the Tribulation, what do premillennialists believe?
▻ They believe that the Revelation of Christ (His 2nd coming to earth) will take place before the millennium.
▻ At the Rapture, Christ comes to rescue; at the Revelation, to reign.
Future: The Millennium Review
What is another name for the Millennium?
The 1000 year Kingdom
Rick Flanders described these four aspects of the Kingdom (1) Eternal rule, (2) Spiritual our King, (3) Mystery during Age of Grace, (4) Political reality on earth for 1000
years. Do you have questions on this?
Who will be the mortals that enter the Millennial Kingdom?
The “sheep”, living Tribulation believers
Where will Christ and Satan be during the Millennium?
Christ on earth as King, Satan in the bottomless pit in chains
Future: The Final Judgement
What has God revealed to us about the final judgement?
Summary of Future Judgments
▰ Judgment Seat of Christ for Raptured Believers – As we have already learned, this is a judgment of reward or loss of reward for Christians after the
▰ Judgment of Resurrected Tribulation and OT Saints – After the Tribulation dead Tribulation believers will be raised to reign with Christ during the
Millennium (Re 20:4). Many believe this will be the time when the Old Testament saints will be resurrected. We do not know if this judgment will
include reward or loss as the Judgement Seat of Christ or not. Walvoord, John, Major Bible Themes, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1976, p. 344-345
Summary of Future Judgments
▰ Judgment on the Nation of Israel (Living Israel) – This will be at the end of the Tribulation (Mt 25:1-30). God will separate the save Jews from the
unsaved Jews. The saved will enter as mortals into the Kingdom and the lost will go to hell. Pentecost, Dwight, Things To Come, pp. 412-426
▰ Judgment of the Gentiles (or Judgment of the Living Nations) – This will be at the same time as God judges Israel (Mt 25:31-46).God will separate
the saved Gentiles (sheep) from the unsaved Gentiles (goats). The saved will enter as mortals into the Kingdom and the lost will go to hell.
Summary of Future Judgments
▰ Judgment of Satan and His Fallen Angels – It seems that this judgment will be after the millennium but before the Great White Throne Judgment (Re
20:10; Jude 1:6; 2Pe 2:4). God will send them to the lake of fire for rebelling against God and siding with Satan (Re 20:10).
▰ Great White Throne Judgment of All Unbelievers Since Creation – It will be after the battle of Gog and Magog, which follows the Millennium. This is
the Final Judgment (Re 20:11-15). God will cast all unbelievers of all ages into the Lake of Fire (Re 20:14-15).
Satan’s Final Rebellion
▰ Satan had been bound in the bottomless pit during the 1,000 Kingdom (Rev 20:1-2).
▰ God will let Satan out of his prison after the Millennium is over (Rev 20:7).
▰ During the dispensation of the Kingdom, all mortals who enter the Kingdom are believers yet their offspring are born lost andmust believe on Christ
to be saved. Once again, God will prove that man is depraved and cannot save himself from his sinful nature.
Satan’s Final Rebellion
▰ People on earth will have multiplied greatly during the Millennium since people live longer and bear children longer.
▰ Satan will deceive the nations throughout the entire earth (Rev 20:8).
▰ He will gather the rebels together to fight against Christ. There number will be as the sand of the sea. There huge army will circle around Jerusalem
in preparation for battle with Christ and His people (Re 20:9).
Fire from Heaven & The Devil’s Doom
▰ The threat is short lived and Christ simply calls down fire from heaven and every one of them is wiped out (Re 20:9)
▰ God will then send the devil to the lake of fire and brimstone (Re 20:10).
▰ Note that the beast and the false prophet are still there burning in the flames. God cast them in 1,000 years earlier before the Millennium (Rev
▰ This terrible lake is a literal place of torment day and night for all eternity. Rebellion against God and His love is no small matter.
The Final Great White Throne Judgement
▰ John saw a great white throne (Rev 20:11).
▰ God Almighty or Jesus Christ sat upon the throne. At that time, the earth and the heaven will flee away (atmospheric heaven and probably the stars
as well); they will burn up and be gone (2Pe 3:10). God will soon make a new heaven and earth (Re 21:1).
▰ The second resurrection will take place (of all unbelievers, see Re 20:6). Every unbeliever since the beginning of creation will stand before God (Re
The Final Great White Throne Judgement
▻ Both small and great, the nobodies and the celebrities, the poor and the rich will be present. No one will be given special treatment. No one will be absent (Re
▻ All that died at sea and all other dead will be present (Re 20:13).
▻ Death (bodies) and hell (souls) will deliver up every unbeliever to be sentenced (Re 20:13).
The Final Great White Throne Judgement
▰ God will open the books to judge them. This judgement is not to decide if they will go to heaven or hell. It is to determine the severity of their
sentence (Lu 12:47-48).
▻ The books (more than one) were opened. One will probably be the Bible (Jn 12:48) and the other will be a record all man’s works (Re 20:12).
▻ Another book was opened, which is the Book of Life (Re 20:12).
▻ Every person will be judged by their works to determine the severity of their sentence.
The Final Great White Throne Judgement
▰ Death and hell will be cast into the lake of fire (Re 20:14). This is the second death. Dwight Pentecost states, “The first death was that spiritual death
which was suffered in Adam. This second death is the confirmation and making eternal that separation from God which the first death entailed.”
Pentecost, Things to Come, p. 424
▰ All those whose names are not written in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire (Re 20:15). This is a literal place of torment (Lu 16:24),
everlasting fire (Mt 25:41), unquenchable fire (Mr 9:44), with fire and brimstone (Re 21:8), blackness of darkness (Jude 1:13), smoke, torment, and
no rest day nor night forever and ever (Re 14:11).
Review of the Final Judgment
List the 6 final judgments in order
Judgment Seat of Christ, Trib & OT, Living Jewish nations, Living Gentile nations, Satan, Great White Throne
What will Satan do when released from the pit?
He will tempt unbelieving millennial humans to rebel against God
How will God quash Satan’s rebellion?
Fire from heaven
Who will still be alive and suffering in the lake of fire when Satan enters?
The beast and false prophet
Let’s Get Practical
▰ How can we be sure that the Lake of Fire is not annihilation, but is literally eternal tormenting fire?