11/01/2023 Wednesday
God will put down Ephraim
Chapter 13
OUTLINE OF HOSEA The Ryrie Study Bible
1. The Prodigal Wife, 1:1-3:5
A. Her Unfaithfulness, 1:1-11
B. Her Punishment, 2:1-13
C. Her Restoration and Israel’s, 2:14-23
D. Her Redemption, 3:1-5
2. The Prodigal People, 4:1-14:9
A. The Message of Judgment, 4:1-10:15
1. The indictment, 4:1-19
2. The verdict, 5:1-15
3. The plea of Israel, 6:1-3
4. The reply of the Lord, 6:4-11
5. The crimes of Israel, 7:1-16
6. The prophecy of judgment, 8:1-10:15
B. The Message of Restoration, 11:1-14:9
1. God’s love for the prodigal people, 11:1-11
2. God’s chastisement of the prodigal people, 11:12-13:16
3. God’s restoration of the prodigal people, 14:1-9
Ephraim’s Downfall
• Hosea 13:1-4
• Here we have a contrast between humility and idolatry. The verse seems to mean that by humbly trembling before God,
Ephraim exalted himself, but when he turned to Baal, he died (v.1). Idolatry is deadly!
• In our eyes, worshipping a manmade image is so foolish (v.2), yet we have our own materialistic images that tempt and
lure us away from God.
• “Therefore” (because of the image worship) (v.3). Note that the similes in this verse all speak of things that do not last.
Ephraim would not last.
• God reminds them of the first commandment (v.4), (Ex 20:1-3).
• God is VERY passionate about our loyalty to Him.
Ephraim’s Downfall
• Hosea 13:5-8
• God had cared for Israel during their wilderness wanderings (v.5).
• He had blessed their pastures and they had prospered (v.6).
• “Therefore” (being filled by God) they forgot Him (v.6),
• “Therefore” (because they forgot Him), He would be to them (v.7-8) …
• As a lion, ferocious and deadly.
• As a leopard by the way, watching for a chance to attack.
• As a bear robbed of her cubs, ready to tear them to bits.
• God will order the wild beast to tear them.
• If we are not careful, times of blessing from God may turn into times of forgetful wandering from God.
• We need God during times of blessing as well as in times of burden.
Ephraim’s Downfall
• Hosea 13:9-14
• Israel, by her turning to idols, had destroyed herself, forgetting that God was her only true help (v.9).
• God desired to be their King, but they had longed for a human king (v.10).
• God, in anger, gave them a king, but later removed him in anger (v.11).
• We must be careful that our prayers are truly God’s will. Sometimes He answers careless prayers to teach us our folly.
• Ephraim’s sins were bound up as in a bundle (v.12).
• Ephraim’s sins grip him as a child in a prolonged difficult birth that threatens the lives of babe and mother alike (v.13).
• God, in loving mercy, will rescue Ephraim from the grave (v.14). This is yet future during the Millennium.
Ephraim’s Downfall
• Hosea 13:15-16
• Back in the present, Hosea warns that their fruitfulness will dry up (v.15).
• God will spoil the treasures of all they consider pleasant.
• Samaria’s rebellion against God will bring desolation (v.16).
• The men will fall by the sword.
• Infants will be dashed in pieces
• Pregnant women will be ripped up
• God does not enjoy judgment, but He will do whatever is needed to chasten with the goal of restoration.
• We must expect the same in our lives when we get out of line.
Note similes and metaphors in this chapter
• as the morning cloud (v.3) – short-lived prosperity
• as the early dew that passeth away (v.3) – short-lived prosperity
• as the chaff that is driven with the whirlwind out of the floor (v.3) – short-lived prosperity
• as the smoke out of the chimney (v.3) – short-lived prosperity
• as a lion… as a leopard by the way (v.7) – judgment coming
• as a bear that is bereaved of her whelps, and will rend the caul of their heart, and there will I devour them
like a lion: the wild beast shall tear them (v.8) – angry judgment coming
Applications for Us Today
• The Lord is looking for loyal followers.
• How loyal to the Lord would He say that you are?
• We must be careful how we pray.
• God just may answer our prayer even if it is not good for us to teach us a lesson!