24/05/2023 Wednesday
The Revelation
Study of John’s Revelation
Chapter 10
Chapter 10 – Another Pause
 The Mighty Angel and Seven Thunders (Re 10:1-4)
 John describes another mighty angel (v.1). The word “another” means another of the same kind. I do not believe it
was Christ as many claim. He is not an angel.*
 He held a little book (v.2). This book could not have been the book mentioned earlier (5:1) because it is a different
Greek word specifically meaning little book.
 He had one foot on the sea and one foot on the earth (v.2). Either his authority is over sea and earth or his
message is global.
 He cried with a loud voice as a lion (v.3).
 God commanded John not to write what he saw (v.4)#
Why the secret of the seven thunders?
Perhaps God revealed this to John, but told him not to write it for us, so that we can know that the information in the Book of Revelation is a summary, not a
fully detailed account of all that is to come.
Chapter 10 – Another Pause
 Announcement that the end has come (Re 10:5-6)
 He lifted up his hand toward heaven (v.5).
 He swore that time will be no longer (v.6). If this angel would have been Christ, He would have sworn by Himself
as there is no greater. (Read Nehemiah 9:6).
 Robertson points out that, “This does not mean that chronos (time), … will cease to exist, but only that there will
be no more delay in the fulfilment of the seventh trumpet (verse 7), in answer to the question, ‘How long?’
(6:10).” (Robertson, Rev 10:6)
Chapter 10 – Another Pause
 When the 7th angel blows his trumpet, God’s mystery will be finished (v.7).
Wiersbe defines mystery as a “sacred secret.” (Wiersbe 597).
 The “mystery of God” probably refers to previously unrevealed details of God’s plans for humanity that He was about to make known.
 This mystery before us is that which was spoken of by the Old Testament prophets centuries earlier.
 It seems to speak of the final outpouring of divine judgment just prior to the time when Christ will reign as King of
Kings and Lord of Lords.
Chapter 10 – Another Pause
 John ate the little book (Re 10:8-11)
 A voice from heaven (perhaps the Lord, cf. v.4) told John to take the little book from the angel (v.8)
 The angel told John to take it and eat it. The contents of the book will be sweet and bitter (v.9), perhaps sweet to
saints and bitter to sinners.
 John ate it and it was sweet, but bitter in his belly (v.10). Obviously, eating the book was symbolic.
 John must prophesy to many of these things (v.11). The sweet and bitter prophecies of the little book were to be
his message. That message is recorded for all people to read in John’s book, The Revelation.
Personal Application
 It is a good reminder to us that there are many mighty angels in heaven who serve the Lord.
 God has a perfect time schedule for all that He does. Each event will take place precisely when God
 Many things are still mysteries to us. God has revealed what we need to know, but that revelation is
 God’s judgments may be sweet or bitter depending on one’s relationship to Christ.