The Fruitless Prophet
Lesson 07 – Seventy Years Predicted
Jeremiah 25-26
Date: 22 November 2020 – Jer20
Dates and chronology are based largely on Used by permission.
1.         In the fourth year of Jehoiakim 606 or 605 (25:1-7)
a.          As General of the Babylonian armies, Nebuchadrezzar had driven Pharaoh back into Egypt and had taken control of Syria and Israel (Jer 46:2). Jehoiakim submitted to him for three years. (2 Kings 24:1) “In his days Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came up, and Jehoiakim became his servant three years: then he turned and rebelled against him.
b.          “During these crucial months, the Babylonians exacted royal hostages from Jerusalem as a token of Jehoiakim’s subservience to Nebuchadnezzar.” Bible Gateway Among them was Daniel and his three friends (Dan 1:1-13). Read this passage.
c.           In 605 Nebuchadrezzar’s father died and he became king of Babylon.
d.          Jeremiah reminded Judah that for 23 years, he had been warning and admonishing them, but they had not listened (25:3). Other prophets also warned, but they would not listen (25:4). Their message, like that of Jeremiah, was to repent and return to the Lord that He might bless them.
e.          They refused to listen to God’s warnings (25:7).
2.         Judah will spend 70 years in Babylon (25:8-11)
a.          God promised this as a direct consequence of their refusing to turn back to Him (25:8).
b.          God would use Nebuchadrezzar as His servant to punish Judah (25:9).
c.           All joy and gladness will end for Judah (25:10).
d.          God clearly stated that Judah would be in Babylonian captivity for 70 years (25:11). Highlight this verse. (Cf., Dan 9:2; 2Ch 36:21; Zech 1:12; 7:5). This is the first that God clearly stated the length of captivity.
3.         Here is about where Habakkuk’s prophecy fits in.
a.          He asked God why He would allow Babylon, who was more wicked than Judah, to destroy His people.
b.          God told Habakkuk that the just shall live by faith. God will save all who place their faith in Him.
4.         God promised to punish Babylon (25:12-14)
a.          After the 70 years of Judah’s captivity, God promised to punish Babylon for their cruelty to Israel.
b.          God sovereignly allowed Babylon to become mighty and to conquer Judah and other oppressing nations. God used Babylon to discipline Judah. However, God did not overlook the evil that Babylon had done to Judah.
5.         God promised to pour out fury on wicked nations (25:15-38)
a.          They will certainly drink of God’s fury (25:28).
b.          The shepherds or rulers of these nations will cry and mourn (25:34).
6.         God’s Word in the beginning of Jehoiakim’s reign (26:1-7)
a.          This was just before the first captives went to Babylon in about 606 or 605.
b.          Jeremiah preached in the court of the Lord’s house (26:2).
c.           Repeatedly, Jeremiah urged the people to hearken or hear and obey, but they refused. He warned of judgment if they refused to listen (26:6).
7.         The people, priests and prophets persecuted Jeremiah (26:8-11)
a.          They claimed that he was worthy to die for his preaching (26:8).
b.          His crime was preaching against Jerusalem (26:11)
8.         Jeremiah spoke his defence (26:12-15)
a.          He assured them that the LORD has sent him (26:12).
b.          He urged them to amend their ways and doings (26:13).
c.           He defended his innocence (26:14-15).
9.         The princes, people, priests and prophets deliberate (26:16-24)
a.          Some did not think he was worthy to die (26:16).
b.          They used the prophet Micah as an example of one who preached a similar message to King Hezekiah who repented (26:17-19).
c.           Others used the prophet Urijah as an example whom King Jehoiakim condemned and hunted down in Egypt and killed him (26:20-23).
d.          God used an influential man named Ahikam to defend Jeremiah and rescue him from the death sentence (26:24). Ahikam was now an old man. He was the “Son of Shaphan the scribe, and one of those sent by Josiah to Huldah the prophetess to inquire of the Lord as to the book of the law that had been found. 2 Kings 22:12-20. He also served under Jehoiakim and shielded Jeremiah from death when he prophesied against the nation. He was father of Gedaliah whom Nebuchadnezzar made governor of the land. Jer. 26:24; Jer. 40:5-16; Jer. 41:1-16.” Morrish Bible Dictionary
God cannot and will not overlook spiritual rebellion. Though God may use wickeder nations to judge rebellion, He will always settle the score in the end. Godly people, like Daniel, his three friends, and Jeremiah, suffered because of the sins of others. That still happens today. Just as God protected Jeremiah from death, He is able to protect us as well if we will live for His glory and it pleases Him to do so.