Titus Exposition

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Our Civil Duties – Titus 3:1-3

Our Civil Duties 11 October 2020 AM – Titus 3:1-3 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: Though we may disagree with a civil leader’s conduct and policies, we must not be insubordinate. A Christian, who speaks evil of a civil leader, speaks evil of God who gave him that leader. Transition: Titus 3:1-3. Here, God […]

A Pastor’s Duties – Titus 2:15

The Preacher’s Duty 4 October 2020 AM – Titus 2:15 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: When I was in Bible College, I worked in the college kitchen to help pay my school bill. My duties were to assist the cooks, clean the walk-in coolers, and put deliveries in the walk-in freezer. If I had […]

A Tribute to Christ – Titus 2:14

A Tribute to Christ 27 September 2020 AM – Titus 2:14 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: People give tributes to all sorts of heroes, including dads, mums, teachers, and those who risk their lives to help others, but the one who deserves the greatest tribute of praise is Jesus Christ. Transition: We owe a […]

Our Blessed Hope – Titus 2.13

Our Blessed Hope 20 September 2020 AM – Titus 2:13 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: Unbelievers all around us have no hope. Their motto is eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die. The Bible assures us that God created man to live forever. Because sin prevents us from living with God forever, […]

Saving Grace – Titus 2:11

Saving Grace 6 September 2020 AM – Titus 2:11 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: A year ago, if someone were selling surgical masks, they would have had a very small turnover. However, once COVID-19 started it was extremely difficult to find any surgical masks at any price. What made the difference? People saw the […]

Doctrine for Employees – Titus 2.9-10

Doctrine for Employees 30 August 2020 AM – Titus 2.9-10 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: A significant portion of the first century congregations consisted of slaves. The life of a slave was often dreadful. Their living conditions were shocking. Their workday was very long, tiring and often very difficult. Their families were often broken […]

Doctrine for Young Women – Titus 2:4-5

Doctrine for Young Women 16 August 2020 AM – Titus 2:4-5 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: In Proverbs 7, Solomon described a woman that he called the strange woman. She was not weird. Her character was strange or foreign to God’s holy expectations. She did not live a moral, virtuous life. Sadly, many young […]