28/09/2022 Wednesday
Review of the Final Judgment
List the 6 final judgments in order
Judgment Seat of Christ, Trib & OT, Living Jewish nations, Living Gentile nations, Satan, Great White Throne
What will Satan do when released from the pit?
He will tempt unbelieving millennial humans to rebel against God
How will God quash Satan’s rebellion?
Fire from heaven
Who will still be alive and suffering in the lake of fire when Satan enters?
The beast and false prophet
Future: Our Eternal Home
What has God revealed to us about our eternal home?
What is Heaven?
▰ The Bible speaks of three heavens.
▻ The first heaven is the atmosphere around the earth where the air, clouds, and rain exist (James 5:18).
▻ The second heaven is outer space where the stars exist (Genesis 15:5).
▻ The third heaven is the dwelling place of God (Revelation 3:12; 2Corinthians 12:2). It will include the new heaven and new earth and the new Jerusalem.
The New Heaven & New Earth
▰ The old heaven and earth will be destroyed (Re 21:1)
▻ This refers to the physical earth and the first heaven (the atmosphere) and probably the second heaven (outer space with all the stars).
▻ John recorded that they will pass away (Re 21:1). Peter records that the earth will be completely destroyed (2Pe 3:10-12). All of God’s creation in Genesis will be
▻ This will take place just before the Final Judgment (Re 20:11).
The New Heaven & New Earth
▰ God will create a new heaven and earth (Re 21:1)
▻ The new heaven and new earth will be completely new (Gr: recently made). They will be totally different from the present heaven and earth. They will be made
just for immortals. These are mentioned in Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; 2Pe 3:13; and Re 21:1.
▻ On the new earth, there will be no more sea. It will not be a water-based world.
▻ Peter tells us that “therein dwelleth righteousness” (2Pe 3:13). It will be perfect.
The Coming of the New Jerusalem
▰ It is called the “holy city” and “new Jerusalem” (Re 21:2). This is a literal city.
▰ The New Jerusalem is now in heaven where God dwells. Later in this lesson, we will see that during the Millennium, it may hover over the earth as a
satellite city and be the home of the immortal saints. After God creates the new heaven and earth, He will bring the New Jerusalem down from God
out of heaven to the new earth (Re 21:2).
The Coming of the New Jerusalem
▰ This New Jerusalem exists now with God in heaven. God will bring it down to earth to become the capital city of the new heaven and new earth – our
eternal heaven.
▰ This is the place that Jesus went back to heaven to prepare (Jn 14:1-3).
▰ He is making it as beautiful as possible, like a bride on her wedding day (Re 21:2).
The Comfort of the New Jerusalem
▰ God will tabernacle with, dwell with, or live with men (Re 21:3). These men include:
▻ The raptured and resurrected saints, also called the church, bride of Christ, the Lamb’s wife (Re 21:9)
▻ Redeemed resurrected Israel (Jn 14:1-3; Heb 11:10, 16; Heb 13:14)
▻ The resurrected redeemed of all the ages (Gal 4:26; Heb 12:22-23). These are those who overcome sin by the blood of the Lamb (Re 21:7; Re 12:11)
▻ Even holy angels will be present in the New Jerusalem (Re 21:12).

Eternal Home
To be continued…
5 October 2022
The Comfort of the New Jerusalem
▰ They will be His people. He will be with them and be their God.
▰ God will wipe away all the trials of mortal life, including tears, death, sorrow, crying, and pain (Re 21:4).
▰ There will be no sin in the New Jerusalem (Re 21:27)
▰ There will be no more curse (Re 22:3)
▰ There will be no more night (Re 21:25; 22:5).
▰ Christ will make all things new (Re 21:5)
▰ All saints will enjoy the fountain of the water of life (not H2O, Re 21:1) (Re 21:6)
The Commencement of the New Jerusalem
▰ Presently, the souls of departed believers are with the Lord in heaven. At the resurrection, their souls will be joined by their bodies made immortal. At
that time, the New Jerusalem will become their eternal home. God will bring this heavenly city to the new heaven and earth that He will create. This
will be our eternal heaven.
▰ The New Jerusalem is the eternal home of all immortal believers.
▰ Either by rapture or resurrection saints will enter the New Jerusalem.
The Commencement of the New Jerusalem
▰ As already stated, it is probable that during the Millennium the New Jerusalem will hover over the earth as a satellite and be the home of the
immortal saints who reign with Christ (compare Isa 65:17; 66:22; 2Pe 3:13; Re 3:12). Walvoord points out that, “no picture is ever drawn of the
resurrected saints as living beside them [mortals during the Millennium]. Walvoord, John, Major Bible Prophecies, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1991, p. 414
▰ As the saints enter the New Jerusalem when they become immortal, than they will enjoy the awesomeness of that home described in Revelation 21-
22 from that point onward for all eternity.
The Commencement of the New Jerusalem
▰ “The locale of the city may be changed [from heaven to hover over the Millennial earth then to come down to the new earth] but the inhabitants will
undergo no change whatsoever.” Pentecost, Dwight, Things to Come, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1976, p. 579
The Construction of the New Jerusalem
▰ It will reflect the glory of God (Re 21:11).
▰ It will have a great wall around it (Re 21:12-17). This may be the thickness (Re 21:17).
▰ It will have 12 gates, on each will be a name of one of the tribes of Israel (Re 21:12)
▰ The city will be a huge cube 2500 km cubed (Re 21:16). Immortal beings are not limited to three dimensions as we are now.
▰ The city will be built of transparent gold (Re 21:18)
▰ The foundations of the city will be beautiful gems (Re 21:19-20)
The Construction of the New Jerusalem
▰ Each of the gates are made from one huge pearl (Re 21:21).
▰ The street of the city is of pure transparent gold (Re 21:21).
▰ There will be no temple (Re 21:22)
▰ There will be no sun or moon for the Lord will lighten the city (Re 21:23)
▰ There will be a pure river of water of life (not H2O) (Re 22:1)
▰ The tree of life will be in the New Jerusalem (Re 22:2)
▰ The throne of God will be there (Re 22:3)
Review of Our Eternal Home
What is the second heaven?
Outer space
When will God destroy this present earth?
At the final judgment (Re 20)
What is unique about the new earth?
There will be no more sea
What is the New Jerusalem?
The beautiful city God is preparing
Name some of the unique qualities of the New Jerusalem
No more bad things, live with God, beauty, no temple, water of life, tree of life, throne of God, etc.
Let’s Get Practical
▰ Why do you think God is creating all these things for those who place their faith in Him?