Questions We Cannot Answer

12 June 2022 PM – Job 38-39 – Job2022 – Scott Childs
Introduction: Job was distressed and becoming unstable. It seems that Satan almost accomplished his evil plot of getting Job to turn on God. Job longed to hear from God. God now answered him out of a whirlwind. Picture that in your mind! God rebuked Job for speaking without knowledge (38:2), and then demanded that he answer a series of questions (38:3).
Transition: God questioned Job about the physical world and about the animal world to help him (and us) see how little humans really knew and how great God really is.
  1. Questions about the physical world
a.         Where were you at creation? (Job 38:4-7)
1)         Job did not even exist, yet the angels of heaven sang and shouted for joy when God created all things.
2)         Those who ignore what God told us in Genesis cannot explain the origin of all things because they were not there.
b.         Who holds in the seas? (Job 38:8-11)
1)         Ray Stedman states, “We know that water is made up of two invisible gases, hydrogen and oxygen, and when these two are combined, a visible substance, water, springs into being.”
2)         God caused the seas to break forth as water during a childbirth. He caused the gravity and seashores to keep the waters in their place.
c.          Do you command the sunrise? (Job 38:12-15)
1)         By God’s design, the sun rises at a precise time and a proper place according to the seasons.
2)         As the sun rotates, the sunshine spreads to the whole earth, enlightening every part. The night creatures hide, the earth changes appearance and the sky becomes beautiful as a garment.
d.         What do you know about the deep sea? (Job 38:16)
1)         In Job’s day, he had no idea how deep the oceans may be.
2)         Today we know that the deepest part of the ocean is the Mariana Trench north of New Guinea. Its depth measures an astonishing 10,994 m.
e.         What do you know about death? (Job 38:17)
1)         Job did not know what was on the other side of the gates of death.
2)         Though there are some who claim to have died and revived, their accounts generally do not concur with the facts found in the Bible. Death is yet a mystery.
f.           How broad is the earth? (Job 38:18)
1)         Job had no idea how large the earth was or what it all looked like.
2)         We can answer this one question better than Job could, but with a limited understanding.
g.         What do you know about light? (Job 38:19-21)
1)         God asked Job where light dwells and dark hides. Did Job know the path to light’s home? No!
2)         Though scientists know that light is a form of energy created by the movement of electrons, there is much they still do not know about light.
h.         What do you know about snow? (Job 38:22-23)
1)         Job, have you entered the storehouse of the snow? Where does snow and hail come from when God showers them down as if He is bombing an enemy?
2)         “A snowflake begins to form when an extremely cold water droplet freezes onto a pollen or dust particle in the sky. This creates an ice crystal. As the ice crystal falls to the ground, water vapor freezes onto the primary crystal, building new crystals – the six arms of the snowflake.” NOAA This is all part of God’s wonders.
i.           How do storms take place? (Job 38:24-28)
1)         We know that energy comes from the sun, and it produces various phenomena, including the evaporation of water, the formation of clouds; it produces thunder and the release of great bolts of lightning. Ray Stedman
2)         God is behind all this. He even causes it to rain where man does not live. It certainly is nothing man can control.
j.           How is ice formed? (Job 38:29-30)
1)         How does this happen? Why does it get hard? It is an act of God.
2)         “Water is the only known non-metallic substance that expands when it freezes; its density decreases and it expands approximately 9% by volume.”
k.         Can you control the stars? (Job 38:31-33)
1)         Job had no control over the constellations of stars. The hand of God alone guides them.
2)         Job could probably identify these and other constellations in the sky, but he could not even begin to explain the natural forces that governed this arrangement. Guzik
l.           Can you change the weather? (Job 38:34-38)
1)         Job could not command the clouds to pour down rain, nor could he send lightning. On the other hand, he could not order the clouds to hold back their rain, causing dry ground.
2)         Scientists today have discovered ways to alter the weather to a tiny degree, but they still cannot control it.
2.        Questions about the animal world
a.         Can you feed lions and ravens? (Job 38:39-41)
1)         Job could not feed the lions, nor could he provide for the ravens.
2)         God in a marvellous way leads these creatures to the food they need. He provides for their young when they cry unto Him in hunger. He cares even about the creatures.
b.         Can you explain the birth of wild goats? (Job 39:1-4)
1)         Job did not know the gestation, birthing habits, or life cycle of the wild goats up in the mountains.
2)         God not only know this, but He designed and created it.
c.          Did you set the wild asses free? (Job 39:5-8)
1)         “The wild donkey was admired for both its freedom and its ability to survive under the harshest conditions.” (Smick in Guzik) Job had not set them free nor did he have any control over these wild creatures.
2)         God placed in those asses the natural abilities needed to survive where others would die.
d.         Can you tame a unicorn? (Job 39:9-12)
1)         This unicorn is actually a fearsome, mighty, extinct animal known as the aurochs. Job could not bind him to use him as an ox to plough his fields.
2)         This creature was uncontrollable and Job knew it. He could not possibly tame one to use on his farm. God had made the creature so.
e.         Did you design the birds? (Job 39:13-18)
1)         Did you give the peacock his beautiful feathers? Did you give the short wings to the ostrich? God gave the ostrich wings to aid his balance while running.
2)         God also deprived the ostrich of wisdom when it comes to leaving her eggs and abandoning her young, but God was pleased to design this in them. God also gave them great speed in running. Job had nothing to do with any of this.
f.           Did you give horses their qualities? (Job 39:19-25)
1)         Could Job give a horse its strength, clothe its neck with a mane, make it leap like a grasshopper or any of its other qualities? No! Could Job make a horse love the excitement of a military battle? No!
2)         God alone designed and created horses with these unique qualities.
g.         Can you command the eagles? (Job 39:26-30)
1)         Did Job create the hawk and eagle, with their unusual abilities in flight and sight?
2)         Did Job give the eagles a thirst for blood? No, Job had nothing to do with these God-given instincts.
Conclusion: Job had no control over the physical world nor the animal world that God had designed, created, cared for and controlled. Since God did all that, he had no right then to question God’s sovereign choices in his life. Since God has such great power, care and discernment, we too ought to trust Him when events of life turn against us. He is our wise and loving Sovereign.
Song: God can do anything!