James Exposition

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Heartbeats of Faith – James 2:14-26

Heartbeats of Faith 23 October 2016 AM – James 2:14-26 – Jas16 – Scott Childs Introduction: James 2:14-26 speaks about faith and works. This section has caused many people to think that salvation is part by faith and part by doing good works. However, that is NOT what James was teaching. Each of us here […]

Facts About Temptations – James 1:13-15

Facts About Temptations 28 August 2016 AM – James 1:13-15 – Jas16 – Scott Childs Introduction: People blame all sorts of things for their sins. They blame their upbringing, their environment, their spouse, their education, their friends, some even blame God. Transition: This morning I want to show you three facts that God tells us […]

The Blessed Man

The Blessed Man 21 August 2016 AM – James 1:12 – Jas16 – Scott Childs Introduction: The phrase “blessed is the man” is found 13 times in our Bible. The word “blessed” means happy. To be happy is the supreme desire of the human heart. When God declares a person to be blessed, he becomes […]

Trials of Poor and Rich

Trials of Poor and Rich 14 August 2016 AM – James 1:9-11 – Jas16 – Scott Childs Introduction: This morning we are going to look at a paradox. A paradox is a statement that seems to contradict itself. We are going to see that from God’s perspective that the way up is down. God’s values […]

Developing Character

Developing Character 7 August 2016 AM – Proverbs 12:4 – Scott Childs Introduction: This past week, as I was reading in my devotions, I came across Proverbs 12:4. “A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.” As I paused and looked for a […]

God Remembered Noah

God Remembered Noah 31 July 2016 PM – Genesis 8:1-22 – Scott Childs Purpose: To encourage Christians with the fact that God will never forget them. Introduction: Have you ever felt like you were forgotten?  It isn’t a very pleasant feeling is it?  When I was in Papua New Guinea years ago, my co-worker and […]

Making Right Choices

Making Right Choices 31 July 2016 AM – James 1:5-8 – Jas16 – Scott Childs Introduction: When you must make a difficult decision, you may follow your gut feelings, you may flip a coin or you may ask God for wisdom. While the last option is the best, is it the one you always choose? […]

First Steps to Maturity

First Steps to Maturity 24 July 2016 AM – James 1:2-4 – Jas16 – Scott Childs Introduction: Growing up is a painful slow experience. Children trip and fall, get hurt, make mistakes, learn the hard way, cry, exercise, go through sorrow, sweat, get exhausted, listen to hours of instruction and survive growing pains, all in […]