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Reflections – Job 29-31

Reflection 24 April 2022 PM – Job 29-31 – Job2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: Several months ago, I set about to reflect over events in my childhood and to record a series of short accounts for our grandchildren. I was amazed at the number of events that I recalled. Times of reflection can be very […]

Attributes of God (6) – Psalm 145:14-16

Attributes of God (6) 4 March 2018 PM – Psalm 145:14-16 – Ps145 – Scott Childs Introduction: What is God like? Well, in the first 13 verses of Psalm 145 we have learned that God is admirable, praiseworthy, great, mighty, majestic, awesome, gracious, good, Creator, powerful and eternal. Transition: As we continue studying God’s attributes, […]