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Is God’s Hand Upon You?

Is God’s Hand upon You? October 2017 PM – Ezra 7:1-28 – EzNe17 – Scott Childs Introduction: William Carey is known as the father of modern missions. Leaving a thriving Baptist church in England, this young preacher spent the next 40 years of his life preaching the gospel in India. He was instrumental in translating […]

Spiritual Fitness “Exercise” – 1Tim 4:7

Spiritual Fitness Training “Exercise” 8 January 2017 PM – 1 Timothy 4:7 – Scott Childs Introduction: Spiritual fitness begins with preparation or a passion. You will never grow spiritually until you have a longing to do so. Next spiritual fitness requires self-control. Many things in life threaten to hinder our spiritual fitness. We must have […]

Spiritual Fitness “Discipline” – 1Cor 9:26-27

Spiritual Fitness Training “Discipline” 8 January 2017 AM – 1 Corinthians 9:26-27 – Scott Childs Introduction: Last Sunday morning learned that spiritual fitness training begins with Preparation or a passion. If you have no passion to become spiritually fit, you won’t. Last Sunday evening we learned the importance of self-control. We must rule over our […]