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Bible Basics 04 – The Bible’s Preservation

17/11/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review the Canonicity of the Bible Canonization has to do with determining which books deserve the designation of “Scripture” and ought to be included in the Bible. Every God-inspired Book was part of the biblical canon the moment God had it written down. God knew what He Inspired! The main criteria […]

Bible Basics 03 – The Bible’s Canonicity

10/11/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review Proofs of the Bible Internal Evidence: The Bible is called the Word of God, claims it came from God, and that God is its author. External Evidence: Continuity, revelations, influence, talks about the unknown and unknowable. The Bible is scientifically accurate. It is historically accurate. The Bible has endured for […]

Bible Authority – 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Bible Authority 6 January 2019 AM – 2Timothy 3:16-17 – Baptist Distinctives – Scott Childs Introduction: Our church is an independent Baptist church. It is important for us to know WHY we are a Baptist church and not a generic church or some other denomination. This morning we are going to begin a short series […]