17/08/2022 Wednesday
Church: Purpose Review
Who can quote Matthew 28:19-20?
“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even
unto the end of the world. Amen.”
What is one of the best ways we can “go” with the Gospel?
Living a flourishing walk with God that overflows in daily life.
What does it mean to teach all nations?
To make disciples through evangelism
What is the only Biblical mode of baptism?
Name three ways to teach / train.
Preach, teach, share personally
Church: Sabbath or Lord’s Day
On what day of the week are Christians to rest and worship?
Sabbath in the Old Testament
▰ The Old Testament Sabbath was a day of rest from activity.
▰ At Creation, God rested the seventh day (Saturday). However, from Adam to Moses the Bible does not record any observance of the Sabbath day.
▰ Job, possibly the oldest book of the Bible, never mentions the Sabbath.
Sabbath in the Old Testament
▰ God gave the Sabbath observance to Israel after they came out of Egypt (Look up Exodus 16:23-29).
▰ God commanded Israel to keep the Sabbath from Moses to Christ’s resurrection (Ex 31:16-17).
▰ The Sabbath was never forced on the Gentiles.
▰ Hosea prophesied that Israel’s Sabbaths would cease (Ho 2:11).
▰ Christ kept the Sabbath because He lived in the dispensation of Law (Lu 4:16).
Sabbath in the Present Church Age
▰ Lewis Chafer states, “Following the resurrection of Christ, there is no record in the New Testament that the Sabbath was observed by any believer,
even in error. [NOTE: Just because Paul and others preached in the synagogue on the Sabbath does not mean that they were observing the Sabbath.]
Doubtless the multitude of Judaized Christians did observe the Sabbath; but no record of such observance was permitted to appear in the Word of
Sabbath in the Present Church Age
▰ Chafer continues, “In like manner, following the resurrection of Christ, there is no injunction given to Jew, Gentile, or Christian to observe the
Sabbath, nor is Sabbath breaking once mentioned among the numerous lists of possible sins.
▰ On the contrary, there are warnings against Sabbath observance on the part of those who are the children of God under grace. Galatians 4:9-10;
Colossians 2:16-17; Romans 14:5.”
Sabbath in the Present Church Age
▰ Chafer concludes, “Because of the fact that in the New Testament the Sabbath is never included as any part of the Christian’s life and service, the
term Christian Sabbath is a misnomer [an unsuitable name].
▰ In this connection it may be noted that in place of the Sabbath of the law there is now provided the Lord’s Day of the New Creation which far exceeds
the Sabbath in its glory, its privileges, and its blessings.” Chafer, Lewis, Major Bible Themes, “The Sabbath”, theWord edition (Grammar has been edited)
▰ Rules for Gentile Christians did not include keeping the Sabbath (Ac 15:28-29).
Sabbath in the Coming Age
▰ After the Rapture, during the Tribulation, when God focuses His attention again on Israel, He will reinstate the Sabbath for Israel (Mt 24:20).
Christ’s Resurrection and the First Day of the Week
▰ Chafer points out that, “The first day of the week has been celebrated by the church from the resurrection of Christ to the present time. This fact is
proven by the New Testament records, the writings of early fathers, and the history of the church.”
▰ Those who presently urge the observance of the seventh day [Seventh Day Adventists, Armstrong’s World Wide Church of God, etc.] combine these
appeals with other unscriptural doctrines.
Christians are a New Creation
▰ Christians are the new creation of Christ (2Co 5:17; Eph 2:10).
▰ As the Sabbath was instituted to celebrate the old creation (Ex 31:16-17), so the Lord’s Day celebrates the new creation.
▰ R.A. Torrey correctly states, “It is sometimes said by Seventh Day Adventists that there is no authority for the change, and that the Roman Catholic
Church or the pope made the change. This statement is absolutely untrue. History proves that Christians kept the first day of the week long before
there was any Roman Catholic Church. We have indications of their keeping it in New Testament times.”
The Lord’s Day
▰ The Lord’s Day was a special day in the New Testament.
▻ Christ arose on Sunday (Mt 28:1).
▻ Christ met his disciples on Sunday (Joh 20:19).
▻ Christ gave instructions on Sunday (Lu 24:13-45).
▻ Christ breathed on them on Sunday (Joh 20:22).
The Lord’s Day
▻ Spirit descended, assumed to be on Sunday (Ac 2:1-4)
▻ Paul preached on Sunday (Ac 20:6-7).
▻ Believers gathered to break bread on Sunday (Ac 20:6-7).
▻ Offerings were collected on Sunday (1Co 16:2).
▻ Christ appeared to John on the Lord’s Day (Re 1:10).
The Lord’s Day
▰ Terry Coomer reminds us that, “Modern society has turned Sunday into a day of idolatrous play, and God’s people should resist this temptation.
Sunday is “the Lord’s day,” and while that does not mean it has replaced the Sabbath and does not mean that we can make laws about what can and
cannot be done on Sunday, it does mean that we should turn our attention to the things of God on that day, beginning with faithful church
attendance, and guard ourselves from imitating the foolish ways of the world.” Dr Terry Coomer, Beware Of An Unwholesome Addiction To Sports, 2014
Church: Sabbath / Lord’s Day Review
What does the Bible say about the Sabbath between Adam and Moses?
To whom did God give the Sabbath observance law?
To Israel
What New Testament Scripture calls Sabbath breaking a sin?
There is no such Scripture
Why is the name “Christian Sabbath” not a suitable name for Sunday?
Sunday is not the Sabbath
Why did Christians begin meeting on Sunday?
To honour the Lord’s resurrection
When did Christians begin worshipping on Sunday?
Right after Christ’s resurrection
Let’s Get Practical
▰ What ought to govern our activities on the Lord’s Day?