Doctrine for Young Women

16 August 2020 AM – Titus 2:4-5 – Tit20 – Scott Childs
Introduction: In Proverbs 7, Solomon described a woman that he called the strange woman. She was not weird. Her character was strange or foreign to God’s holy expectations. She did not live a moral, virtuous life. Sadly, many young women in our society live like that strange woman. God has a better plan for Christian young women. God’s doctrine for young women is one that will benefit them and honour the Lord.
Transition: In our text this morning, we find the need, the training, and the benefit of God’s doctrine for young women. As in the previous two passages, much of this applies to every Christian.
  1. Young women need to be taught
a.         The word “teach” is significant
1)         This original word is only found here in the N.T.
2)         The definition is broad (Thayer).
a)         To restore one to his senses
b)         To moderate, control, curb, disciple
c)         To hold one to his duty
d)         To admonish, to exhort earnestly
3)         The KJV translates the word “teach … to be sober”. It literally means to make the young women sober-minded in thought, in conduct and in duty. Think biblically!
4)         They need to learn to be prudent. (Proverbs 22:3) “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.
5)         You can see that this teaching is more than just teaching the ABCs. Teaching this will take work, patience, courage, wisdom and will require accountability.
b.         Their teachers are to be the older women
1)         We saw that in verse 3.
2)         Older ladies, God has given you a big and important task in training the younger women. Take it seriously.
3)         Young ladies, be cooperative and teachable. Desire to learn so that you can become all that God wants you to be.
2.        Their training is extensive
Teaching the young women to be sober-minded in thought, in conduct and in duty covers seven topics.
a.         Teach them to be loving their husbands (v.4)
1)         The root word deals with being a friend and companion to their husband. In the beginning, God created the woman to be man’s companion and completer.
2)         Becoming the husband’s companion and completer as God intended is a learned skill. Since Adam and Eve plunged the human race into sin, women struggle to complete their husband submissively. (Genesis 3:16) “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” If this were a natural instinct, the older women would not need to teach it.
b.         Teach them to be loving their children (v.4)
1)         Again, the root word deals with being a friend and companion. Children need to have mum there to teach, train, comfort, mentor, and love them as they grow up.
2)         The sin nature has caused many woman to look at having children as a curse.
3)         Abortion is rampant because women do not love their children.
4)         Many mums want to work so they can get away from their children. They want to be independent. God says they need to learn to love their children.
c.          Teach them to be discreet (v.5)
1)         “Discreet” means to curb one’s desires and impulses, to be self-controlled or temperate.
2)         The same word is translated sober in Titus 1:8, and temperate in Titus 2:2.
3)         Young woman and all of us are all tempted to desire things that are not good for us.
a)         Many young women desire to be fashionable. However, fashions of this world are often immodest and provocative. Designers create the low necklines, bare shoulders, short skirts, shorts and bathers to draw attention to a woman’s body.
b)         Many popular hairstyles are unisex, cross-gender, or coloured like the godless. 1Corinthians 11:14-15 says a woman’s long hair is her glory and covering and that long hair on a man is shameful.
c)         Excessive makeup draws attention sensually.
4)         Young women need to learn to be discreet.
d.         Teach them to be chaste (v.5)
1)         This simply means to be pure and clean morally, to be modest.
2)         TV, videos, media and society promote both impurity and immodesty. Fornication, adultery, and immodest dress are common in our world. It is no more modest to go to the beach in skimpy bathers than it is to go to the shops in the same. The quantity of our clothing should not change no matter where we go in public.
3)         Being modest and pure is not popular. To be pure and modest, young women must learn apply 1Th 5:21-22. “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.” Older women must teach the young women to be pure and modest.
e.         Teach them to be keepers at home (v.5)
1)         Caring for the house and working at home is not a disgrace. It is an honour. It is blessed of God.
2)         Being a God-fearing housewife is a fulltime job. I do not think that God forbids women to work, but if she has children at home, home is to be her first priority.
f.           Teach them to good (v.5)
1)         Young women must learn to be good natured, pleasant, agreeable, joyful and excellent in character.
2)         They must learn to be gracious, kind and thoughtful to others. God would not command this if it was not sometimes a struggle.
g.         Teach them to be obedient to their husbands
1)         The word translated “obedient” is the same word found in Ephesians 5 where it is translated “submit”.
2)         It simply means to allow yourself to be arranged under another, to submit willingly.
3)         This submissive attitude is needful in order for her to allow her husband to lead her and the family as God ordered. In Ephesians 5:33, God adds the word reverence or respect.
a)         When a husband loves his wife sacrificially, it makes it easier for her to respect him submissively.
b)         When a wife respects her husband submissively, it makes it easier for him to love his wife.
4)         God’s way is always the best way. Remember, older ladies, you must live these qualities in order to teach them to the younger women effectively.
3.        Their training will prevent blasphemy
a.         Failing this training course leads to blasphemy.
1)         If a young woman fails to live the virtues outlined in these verses, God’s word will be mocked or blasphemed.
2)         One reason that Christianity is mocked today is that Christians do not live any different from the world.
b.         Passing the training course prevents blasphemy.
1)         When young women learn and live these virtues, God’s word will be honoured.
2)         People will notice the difference and God will be glorified.
Conclusion: God divided His doctrine for young women into many parts because He knows that sinful society puts a lot of pressure on our young women to do wrong. (Review point 2). Young women, do not let the challenge overwhelm you. If you will submit your heart to the Lord and seek His daily help, you can do these things.
            Older women, you need to live each of these virtues and actively teach them to the younger generation. They need your help and encouragement.
            Perhaps, you do not yet know the Lord as your Saviour. That is where you must begin. You cannot expect to live LIKE a Christian until you become one. I would like to help you, if you will let me know.
Song: Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord – 337