Book of Esther

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Courage to Stand for Convictions – Esther 3

Courage to Stand for Convictions 1 October 2023 AM – Text: Esther 3 – Topic: Convictions – Series: Est23 Introduction: King Ahasuerus deposed of his queen, Vashti (Est 1). The beautiful, young, Jewess, Esther was crowned queen in the king’s 7th year (2:16). Two men plotting to assassinate the king were executed (2:21-23).  Then, four […]

Grace to the Humble – Esther 2

Apologies: For an unknown reason, there is a hiss in the recording. We are working to resolve it in future recordings. Grace to the Humble 24 September 2023 AM – Text: Esther 2 – Topic: Grace – Series: Est23 Introduction: The providence or care of God for His people is the theme of the book […]

Vices to Avoid – Esther 1

Vices to Avoid 17 September 2023 AM – Text: Esther 1:1-22 – Topic: Vices – Series: Est23 Introduction: The story of Esther is a true narrative about a young, virtuous, Jewish, woman who became the queen of the greatest nation on earth at the time. As queen, young Esther risked her life to save the […]