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Why Not Continue in Sin? – Romans 6:1-7

Why Not Continue in Sin? 23 January 2022 AM – Romans 6:1-7 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: In Romans 5, we learned that God’s grace is overflowing! No matter how bad our sin may be, God’s grace is greater. God offers us more divine help through Christ’s death and resurrection than we will ever […]

God Blamed Adam! – Romans 5:12-21

God Blamed Adam! 2 January 2022 AM – Romans 5:12-21 – Ro2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: When our boys were young, it was sometimes difficult to determine who was guilty in one of their boyhood disputes. Though I tried to be fair, there may have been times when I blamed the wrong boy. Keep this […]

Much More to Come! – Romans 5:6-11

Much More to Come! 12 December 2021 AM – Romans 5:6-11 – Ro2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: Perhaps you have received a gift in which was another gift, in which was yet another gift. With opening each gift, the excitement grew. There was more to come. Transition: When a sinner who trusts Christ to save […]

Benefits of Justification – Romans 5:1-5

Benefits of Justification 5 December 2021 AM – Romans 5:1-5 – Ro2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: We all like to know the benefits of supplements, benefits of insurance policies, benefits of certain diets and benefits of electing a candidate. As Paul begins Romans 5, he builds on the word justified. The word, therefore (Ro 5:1), […]

Moralists Need God’s Righteousness

Moralists Need God’s Righteousness 7 November 2021 AM – Romans 2:1-16 – Ro2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: In Romans 1:18-32, we learned that humanists are not righteous and need God’s righteousness. That was not difficult for us to grasp about God rejecters, but what about the good people in our world who do not reject […]