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Comfort, Hope & Peace – Romans 15:5, 13, 33

Comfort, Hope & Peace 23 April 2023 AM – Romans 15:5, 13, 33 – Rom2023 – Scott Childs Introduction: We live in a very troubled world. War, strife, greed, hatred, family conflicts, bitterness, sickness, joblessness, and guilt contribute to that trouble. People all around us long for comfort, hope and peace, yet they have none. […]

Cultivating Harmony – Romans 15:1-6

Please note, the sermon was interrupted by an alarm going off 9 minutes into the sermon. We moved to the veranda and finished the service. Cultivating Harmony 2 April 2023 AM – Romans 15:1-6 – Series – Scott Childs Introduction: Is there ever a lack of harmony in your relationships with your spouse, your parents, […]

Be Sure Before Doing – Romans 14:22-23

Be Sure Before Doing 19 March 2023 AM – Romans 14:22-23 – Rom2023 – Scott Childs Introduction: During summer holidays while I was in Bible College, I worked for Lynn Degrow, an excellent carpenter. During those summer days, we built several houses from the ground up. There is an old saying that Lynn used to […]

Soul Liberty – Romans 14:1-13

Soul Liberty 5 March 2023 AM – Romans 14:1-13 – Rom2023 – Scott Childs Introduction: Since the time of Christ, many unbiblical churches have tried to force people to believe as they do by persecuting all who refuse. Those who use force to make people believe against their will do not believe in the soul […]

Love Fulfils the Law – Romans 13.8-10

Love Fulfils the Law 20 November 2022 AM – Romans 13:8-10 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: God gave hundreds of laws in the Old Testament Scriptures, but the Ten Commandments are at their core. They represent the mind and heart of God concerning right and wrong. God desires His creation to live like Him, […]

Responding to Evil – Romans 12:20-21

Responding to Evil 23 October 2022 AM – Romans 12:20-21 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: “After Jim Elliot and four other missionaries were killed by Huaorani tribesmen in 1956, no one expected what happened next. Jim’s wife, Elisabeth, their young daughter, and another missionary’s sister willingly chose to make their home among the very […]

Proper Vengeance – Romans 12:19

Proper Vengeance 16 October 2022 AM – Romans 12:19 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: In the previous verses, the Apostle Paul addressed our reaction to those who mistreat us. He told us not to retaliate by returning evil for evil. Instead, we are to prepare an excellent response to aggression. Paul admitted that it […]

Calming Aggression – Romans 12:17-18

Calming Aggression 9 October 2022 AM – Romans 12:17-18 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: What are we to do when people are eager to fight, and are trying to stir us up. It might be your boss, a colleague, your spouse, your child or your neighbour. He just keeps pushing all your irritation buttons. […]