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The Rich Fool – Luke 12:13-21

The Rich Fool 14 March 2021 AM – Luke 12:13-21 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: Your gold may impress others, but not God. He uses gold as bitumen on the streets of heaven. There is more to life than money! Transition: In our text, I find three important statements about life that Jesus said […]

The Danger of Riches – James 5:1-6

The Danger of Riches 18 December 2016 AM – James 5:1-6 – Scott Childs Introduction: The Bible records the biographies of many rich people. Job was very rich. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were rich. David was rich. Solomon was extremely rich. Jehoshaphat was rich. Joseph of Arimathaea was a rich man. Being rich is not […]