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Not Ashamed of the Gospel – Romans 1:16

Not Ashamed of the Gospel 29 November 2020 AM – Romans 1:16 – Witnessing – Scott Childs Introduction: Alex Dunlap was the founder and director of The Conversion Center in Havertown, Pennsylvania USA which was a ministry and halfway house for converted Catholic Priests. He was very bold in his witness for the Lord. He […]

Witnessing: the Presentation

Witnessing: The Presentation 14 June 2015 PM – John 4:3-30 –Witnessing2015 – Scott Childs Introduction: Witnessing for the Lord is presenting the Gospel to an unbeliever. This is to be our goal. However, before you begin, be sure you know the Gospel message clearly enough to explain it. Be sure your conduct is honourable physically, […]

Witnessing: The Preparation

Witnessing: The Preparation 7 June 2015 PM – 1 Peter 3:15 – Witnessing2015 – Scott Childs Introduction: Whether you are taking an exam, giving a speech, hosting a party, playing in a sporting event, teaching a lesson, or witnessing for the Lord, preparation is a major key to success. Preparation often makes the difference between […]

Witnessing: The Messenger

Witness: The Messenger 31 May 2015 PM – 1Peter 2:12 –Witness2015 – Scott Childs Introduction: Any Christian can be a witness for Christ. Whether you have been saved one hour, one year, or fifty years, you can tell others of what Christ has done for you. One thing that will always hinder a Christian’s witness […]

Witnessing: The Message

Witnessing: The Message 24 May 2015 pm – Acts 16:30-31 – Witnessing2015 – Scott Childs Introduction: Tonight, we are going to begin a series of messages designed to help us become better witnesses for Christ. I know that I need to improve my witness for Christ, and you probably do too. One reason we do […]