Resurrection Sunday

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The Suffering Messiah – Isaiah 53

The Suffering Messiah 17 April 2022 PM – Isaiah 53:1-12 – Lord’s Supper – Scott Childs Introduction: One commentator described Isaiah 53 as follows. “Those who are acquainted with God’s Word realize that Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 give us a more vivid account of the crucifixion of Christ than is found elsewhere in the […]

Christ’s Resurrection Guarantees Ours

Christ’s Resurrection Guarantees Ours 17 April 2022 AM – 1Corinthians 15:20-23 – Resurrection – Scott Childs Introduction: From a human perspective, resurrection from the dead is impossible and incredible. After Christ’s resurrection, His close disciples did not believe when the women told them what the angels said. Thomas refused to believe without proof. (John 20:24-28) […]

Infallible Proofs – Acts 1:1-3

Infallible Proofs 4 April 2021 AM – Acts 1:1-3 – Resurrection – Scott Childs Introduction: Illustration: Have someone hold a rod. Bang the rod with another rod. Ask him if I banged his rod. Ask him for proof – saw, felt, heard.             Did you know that there is more proof that Christ rose from […]